Past Events:

Upcoming Events:

Full Moon w/ Reiki-Infused Sound Bath
New Moon Vision Board Workshop
Book Club! Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday
Aquarian Women's Circle
Reiki Theta Energy Balancing
Summer Solstice Celebration
Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Healing
Aquarian Women's Circle - a virtual gathering
Grounding From Within: A Self-Care Yoga Experience
New Moon in Gemini - Rejuvenation with Vedya
Reiki Theta Neuro Session
Sat Nam Rasayan - private remote sessions (SPECIAL DISCOUNT)
Full Moon - Authentic Connections w/ Sound
Myofascial Release Workshop
Object Meditation for Strength & Resilience
New Moon & Earth Day Celebration
Aquarian Women's Circle
Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga
Full Moon Gratitude Meditation & Sound
Release Stress: Transform the Pressures of Today
Sat Nam Rasayan - private remote sessions
Online Classes: March 17 - March 31, 2020
Finding Fulfillment with Siri Bahadur
The Clearing
Full Moon Energy Activation & Sound Bath
Sat Nam Rasayan with Hari Kirn
Family Yoga w/ Onkar
Transforming the Weight of the Past Into Inner Strength
Tea + Sound
Aquarian Women's Circle
Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga
Reaching the Sensory Self through Pranayam Meditation & Live Sitar
Accessing The Energy Body
Afternoon Ascension
Vedic Meditation: Free Intro Talk!
Full Moon Healing & Gong Session
Post Tantric Integration & Relaxation w/ Siri Bahadur
Tuning Fork & Gong Immersion
Money Mindset & Prosperity Workshop
Chair Yoga for Health & Wellness
Shuniya Yoga Collective's Artisan Market
Sat Nam Rasayan with Hari Kirn
Full Moon & Intention Setting Circle
Aquarian Women's Gathering
Becoming Expansive: A Workshop to Strengthen Your Aura
New Year's Eve: A Conscious Celebration
Sat Nam Rasayan with Hari Kirn
Winter Solstice Workshop
Ease The Season!
Engaging For The Season of Light with Siri Bahadur
Shamanic Journey: A Full Moon Drumming Experience
Afternoon Ascension
Aquarian Circle
Afternoon Ascension
Grand Opening Event!

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