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Kundalini: Heal & Uplift

Fridays 4:30pm CST (In Person & Online)

Post-Natal: Momma + Baby

Thursdays 2:00pm CST (Zoom)

Khalsa Way: Prenatal Yoga

Thursdays 3:30pm CST (Zoom)

Onkar is a student & teacher of Kundalini Yoga for the past 15 years, intuitive counselor & meditative healing, Level 1 & 2 KRI certified, Level 1 Satnam Rasayan healer & the founder of HEALREVIVE - an online platform of support for bringing spiritual ritualism into our everyday lives.  She brings her love & wisdom of teaching & meditation experience to create powerful 40-day programs that help to heal the mind, body & soul.  Known for her approachable methods for accessing the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Onkar has brought this accessibility to the masses as a frequent contributor to mainstream publications & wellness brands.  She finds the greatest joy in life being a mother, wife & teacher.  You can find her at

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Laura "Kirtan" Marcotte


Meditative Yoga

Sundays 10am CST (In Person & Online)

Afternoon Ascension

Tuesdays 4:30pm CST (In Person & Online)

Kirtan brings years of teaching experience & is a Level 1 Teacher's Trainer.  She has been assisting people with stress management & inner connection since 2004.  Having transformed her life by adopting a daily meditation practice, let her support you on your yogic journey.

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Amrit Dev


Kundalini Foundations

Mondays 6pm CST (Online)

Amrit Dev discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2005 & has taught classes in San Marcos & Austin since 2011.  His classes reflect his deep appreciation for the technology of sound, using mantra & the gong for transformation & healing.  Amrit Dev's approachable teaching style provides a great foundation for understanding Kundalini, making his classes wonderful for beginners & advanced yogis alike!  In addition to teaching yoga, he also enjoys cooking, gardening & creating music.

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Vedya Boikess


Yoga Nidra

Mondays 4:30pm CST (Online)


Kundalini Yoga

Thursdays 11am CST (Online)

Chair Yoga

Fridays 12pm CST (Online)

Vedya's mission in life is to share the blessings of yoga.  She has been teaching yoga since 2004.  She practices daily & meditates daily.  One of her greatest joys is to share the healing energy that her yoga practice brings to every aspect of her life.  Her yoga name in the Kundalini tradition is Vedya Kaur, which means princess of divine knowledge.  Vedya began her teaching career at age 13 teaching Sunday school at her parents' church.  After college, she taught elementary school for 15 years & yoga now for 15 years.  She nourishes life long love of learning.  Vedya is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the ERYT-500 level in Hatha & Kundalini Yoga.  She has certifications in iRest/Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Gong Sound Balancing, Radiant Child Children's Yoga & SAFE Core Advocate Trauma Informed Training.  She continues to study with teachers from all over the world.  Teaching yoga is one of her greatest joys & her life's greatest work.  Vedya loves to travel & is often invited to teach yoga wherever she is.  She lived in Munich, Germany for 4 years & taught in a corporate setting there as well as in her home studio.  She has taught in Costa Rica, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, the United Kingdom & in many parts of America.  The rejuvenation she receives from her yoga practice keeps her feeling young, healthy & strong.  Our yoga community opens us to new levels of experience, resilience & opportunities to grow in ways we may never have expected.  We uplift ourselves & together we uplift each other.  Come & see!

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Kundalini for Transformation

Saturdays 12pm CST (Online)

Gurudhan has been practicing & teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1971.  Gurudhan is RYT 500 hour Kundalini Yoga certified & has taught in New York City, Los Angeles & Austin.  His classes will provide a strong physical workout, an opportunity to "deep relax" afterward & a meditation at the end of class to elevate the soul.  

Gurudhan lives with his 2 cats and loves fresh air. You can find him outdoors almost every morning on either a run or walk.

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Meg Sylvester


Self-Love & Sound Healing      

Monthly - Saturdays 1:30pm CST (In Person & Online)

Meg is a 200 hour KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, sound healer, meditation teacher & spiritual mentor who is passionate about supporting others through transformation & transitions.  Meg's life changed when she answered the intuitive nudge to go into her first Kundalini class 7 years ago.  Meg has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, but it wasn't until her discovery of Kundalini that she had finally felt like she found home.  This led her down a path of overhauling her life - moving from a corporate career to starting her own coaching business.  From there, Meg once again answered another intuitive, life-changing nudge, & learned how to play singing bowls.  In that moment, it was as if everything changed from color to techni-color.  Every fiber of her being knew she was a sound healer & a deep connection to the bowls was instantly formed.  Meg has been leading classes, workshops & retreats throughout the world to groups of men & women for the past several years.  For Meg, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student go through their own transformational experience.  Her mission is to elevate the vibration of the planet through self-awareness, sound healing, meditation & Kundalni Yoga.


Mimi Daraa

Mindful Movement

Wednesdays 7pm CST (In Person & Online)

Mimi is an Austin based RYT specializing in connecting mind, body and breath through intentional movement. She loves combining vinyasa, yin yoga and energetically balancing poses. for an unique experience with sprinkles of inspiration, motivation and lots of good vibes. She is the founder of Maison Palo Santo, a boutique aromatherapy company focused on Palo Santo products to uplift your vibrations and over-all well being (check out her palo santo collection at Shuniya). If she's not in her candle studio or teaching yoga you may find her somewhere in nature soaking it all in. She enjoys sharing the universal culture of yoga with everyone she meets through laughter, love and a little bit of sweat! 

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Sarah Andrews


Pranayam Breathing Techniques

As a student of yoga for more than 15 years, Sarah is passionate about helping others find awareness, healing & vitality through the powerful & dynamic practices of Kundalini Yoga.  She fully believes that every person can discover tremendous physical, spiritual & emotional benefits through this technology, as she has experienced this personally in her own life.  Sarah's classes are energetic & usually incorporate enlivening pranayama techniques.

Outside of teaching yoga, Sarah works as a strategic advisor to international & domestic nonprofits & social impact businesses & spent years prior working as a journalist & running a nonprofit serving girls & women in Nepal & Kenya.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters & her husband, traveling, hiking & reading & writing nonfiction.  Sarah completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga & 200 hour Kundalini Yoga teacher training.

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Kate Donelon


Release & Restore

When Kate first stepped onto the mat over a decade ago, she never imagined this practice would redirect her entire path in life.  Her down-to-earth teaching style aims to make yoga easily accessible, fun & relaxing by empowering students with the knowledge to better understand their bodies and ultimately feel better physically & mentally.  Kate's classes are anatomically informed, offer options for every body & often incorporate self myofascial release techniques that compliment the yoga practice & activities in daily life, providing opportunity to achieve tangible release of deeply held tension & improved mobility.  She completed her 500-hour advanced certification with Yoga Medicine, is a Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist & a certified 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher.  Her studies have included specialized training on Women's Health, Internal Medicine, Yoga for Athletes, Chinese Medicine, Fascia & Myofascial Release.  Off the mat, Kate is busy pursuing her advanced degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture & enjoys spending time with her furry canine partner in crime.

 3703 Kerbey Lane Austin, TX 78731