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Crystallizing You!
- Virtual Reiki Theta Energy Sessions -

Janet Nicksic, Reiki Master, utilizes the Reiki energy (Life Force, Universe, Chi) to clear dense energies and stresses, balance your chakras, uplift your psyche, release deep emotions, and connect you deeper to your own spirituality and consciousness. Theta Healing puts you into a deep relaxed state as we reprogram limiting and outdated belief systems to higher, updated, and more ideal ways of thinking. Janet invokes the power of a different crystal with each session to connect us with the healing frequencies of Mother Earth to restore us back to harmony and health, allowing our true Spirit to feel safe to emerge and blossom.

Click on any session below to enjoy!

Choose a session below to work with a crystal that speaks to you or try them all! Remember... you can't get it wrong :)
It’s not necessary to have the actual crystal to work with during our sessions because we will invoke them and they will work with you automatically. However, if you do have the crystal then it will only heighten your experience.
Simply make yourself comfortable and receive what is in your highest and best.

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