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💻Qi Gong: Meditation in Motion - ONLINE

9am CT (60 min): Energy Cultivation with Mind-Body Practices

  • 1 h
  • 10 US dollars
  • Live-Stream Online

Class Description

Animal Forms Qi Gong is a set of low impact energy exercises coordinating breathing techniques based on ancient Chinese practices that mimic animal behaviors to increase well being. Qi Gong roughly translates into "energy practice". The term qigong encompasses many different techniques to invigorate the mind body and spirit. Most people's exposure to qigong is through tai chi chuan (supreme ultimate fist) or dao yin (guiding and pulling) which involves breathing synced with movements. In this class you can expect to mainly learn styles of this nature but also the theory behind qi gong which includes meditation and nei gong or "internal practice".

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Contact Details

1708 Houston Street, Austin, TX, USA

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