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🌱 Magic of Hand Drumming - FDOY

4:30pm (60 min): Exploring the world of hand drumming

  • Kerbey Lane

Class Description

If you have a heartbeat, you HAVE rhythm! Come learn a new language and a new way to connect and communicate beyond words with longtime Austin hand drumming teacher and owner of DRUMZ, Sherry Gingras! No previous experience is necessary and drums are provided for those who do not already have their own. We will learn basic hand techniques on djembes from West Africa, fun exercises to develop skill, some rhythm FUNdamentals, drum circle etiquette, how to select a drum, an African traditional rhythm and song, and some improv secrets to playing percussion well with others in a group setting. Everyone has is our mother tongue! And music is our Universal language. Come and learn a fun, creative, primal, and liberating new language...the language of the drum! Drumming has been used for hundreds of years around the world for self-discovery, the healing of mind, body, and spirit, relaxation and de-stressing, building and strengthening community bonds, connecting to a higher power, honoring Life passages and Earth passages, and simply celebrating the joy of being alive! Drumming is truly a call to community and unity! Drumming and the sharing of rhythm brings people together, energizes and connects us, and inspires us to seek and find our common ground and one heart!

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