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Trying Not To Try by Edward Slingerland is the book selected for Shuniya's next Book Club gathering!


Success does not always come from thinking, trying or striving harder. The ancient Chinese philosophers believed that wu-wei – effortless action aligned with the natural order of things – was the answer. The author explores the brain science behind wu-wei and presents Confucius’, Laozi’s, Mencius’, and Zhuangzi’s ideas about how to access this optimally effective state.


“Our excessive focus in the modern world on the power of conscious thought and the benefits of willpower and self-control causes us to overlook the pervasive importance of what might be called ‘body thinking’: tacit, fast, and semiautomatic behavior that flows from the unconscious with little or no conscious interference. The result is that we too often devote ourselves to pushing harder or moving faster in areas of our life where effort and striving are, in fact, profoundly counterproductive.”


Participating in the book club is FREE, but space is limited, so please reserve your spot HERE.


Ordering your book through Shuniya (whether for the book club or to read on your own) helps to support our book club!  Our price includes shipping or pick-up at the studio!  Purchasing through us is not required in order to join the book club, but appreciated.

Trying Not To Try by Edward Slingerland

  • You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours of placing your order to coordinate Curbside Pick-up at the studio or delivery to your home

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