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Daisy Metalworks is based in Austin, TX and handcrafted by Mijhal Daisy Poler. All designs are made by hand in her studio, and nothing is ever mass-produced. She takes pride in making pieces that are original and raw, giving off a delicate yet industrial feel, going beyond simply an accessory and evolving into an aesthetic that combines the vibrancy of the natural earth and the sleekness of modern design.


The crystals used in these pieces are mindfully cleansed and charged during the full moon. Wearing gems and minerals is a great way to benefit from their healing properties, and may aid us in discovering pieces of ourselves that we had hidden away.


Chains are pure copper or brass.

Daisy Metalworks - Crystal Necklaces

  • You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours of placing your order to coordinate Curbside Pick-up at the studio or Local Delivery. Shipping is also available for an additional fee.  


    ***E-mail to inquire about shipping rates.***

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