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Thu, Oct 29


Live-Streamed Online

Crystallizing You!

A Reiki Theta Crystal Energy Series w/ Janet Nicksic

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Crystallizing You!
Crystallizing You!

Time & Location

Oct 29, 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Live-Streamed Online

About the Event

✨ Crystal Reveal for our session... Black Tourmaline!  See below for further details on this healing stone! ✨

Crystals have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people all over the earth. They heal us, elevate us, connect us with spirit, and open us to our true selves. They harmonize and balance us so we feel safe, at ease, and protected to allow for our true Spirit to emerge.  

All crystals hold energy frequencies specific to that crystal. This translates into each crystal’s unique properties and how they help you, such as rose quartz bringing you more self-love and compassion as well as healing a broken sad heart. When you invoke a crystal or a crystal is near you, you automatically become attuned and entrained to that crystal’s frequency and it’s beneficial properties.  

This is why we’ve created this special series called Crystallizing You, because we believe in the power and wisdom of our ancient crystals and how they can help you in all the ways you’re ready for in your life.  Now more than ever let’s allow earth’s ancient gate keepers, our crystals to bring us all the healing we could possibly need to restore us back into harmony and health.  

The more you work with crystals the more you will actually hear them speak to you, feel them working with you, and you will have a deep connection with nature and your life in an entirely new way!  In each session we will invoke a new crystal revealed by our Guides that will be of most benefit to you and our Shuniya group. It’s not necessary to have the actual crystal to work with during our sessions because we will invoke them and they will work with you automatically. However, if you do have the crystal then it will only heighten your experience.

Janet Nicksic was a traditional talk therapist for many years. Over the past 20 years, she has created a unique healing hybrid of modalities: bootcamp psychotherapy, Reiki energy, Theta Healing®, and Acutonics sound healing®.  When all of these techniques are combined, your results of relief, feeling lighter and more elevated, and aligned deeper with your true inner being are experienced immediately.  Janet offers 1:1 Psychic Transformation Therapy sessions along with facilitating long distance group healing work, and teaching online Reiki classes to elevate you to your highest levels of Self and your Life.


Black Tourmaline is the Ultimate grounding, rooting, anchoring stone. 

It is a master protector and boundary tonifying crystal. It shields you from EMF-electromagnetic frequencies. It gets you out of your spinning mind, and roots you in your body and into our earth. It clears up your subtle energetic body and aura, and protects you from psychic attacks and other people’s agendas and manipulations. It restores life force, balance, and order to all parts of your inner vitality and healthy organ systems. It allows for greater astral dream travel and awareness while protecting you at psychic and physical levels. Black Tourmaline is the Master Earthing crystal that relieves stress, worry, tension, anger, resentment, and fear from your physical matter and cells. It helps you to Be deeper within yourself, while simultaneously aligning you deeper into the Space of Now. It helps to redirect from looking outside of oneself for external validation and fulfillment while anchoring within, validating and trusting your own inner being and alignment with inner self-assuredness and self-confidence. Black Tourmaline literally expands your Space on all levels. It strengthens your alignment to your sovereign mind, physical space, and energetic space. It empties & drains dense energies (the past) from you that you’re ready to release while you rejuvenate yourself with fresh inner Life force, peace, love, vitality, rich soul satisfaction, and harmony.


It is not necessary to have BLACK TOURMALINE with you during the session, but if you do have one nearby, it will only amplify your experience! We have collaborated with a local maker to bring you some lovely tourmalinated quartz options, which contain both black tourmaline & clear quartz! If you are drawn to bring more of this stone into your life, come visit us in our boutique or check out our online store at:

*$20 per person (early bird thru 10/28)

*$25 regular

*includes the recording to listen to at your convenience (emailed afterwards)


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