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12pm CT (60 min): Energy Cultivation with Mind-Body Practices

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Class Description

Qigong is an intentional practice to clear the mind and regulate emotions, while activating blood and energy channels. Moving with regulated breath qi, our life force energy, moves freely. The result is a feeling of calm yet alert and energized. Starting October 3rd, Gayl will set the foundation of our practice together with the 9 phases of Qigong. It is not necessary to attend every class and all levels are welcome! ✨✨✨ 9 phases Qi Gong is considered internal alchemy that means we will cultivate a deeper awareness of qi (energy) within the body and mind as well as cultivating a deeper connection to the earth and cosmos. Nine Phases Qigong Earth (jing) section — Focuses on the body; strengthens the jing (material basis for the physical body). Promotes energy to enjoy life and share joy with others. 1) Discover Qi — Forming the Ball of Qi 2) Gather Qi — Gathering Qi from Heaven and Earth 3) Circulate Qi — Inner Rivers Flowing Heart-mind (Qi) section — Focuses on the nervous system, thoughts, emotions. Allows one to sustain calm in the middle of life’s stresses. 4) Purify Qi — Clearing the Small Universe 5) Direct Qi — Trace the Channels 6) Conserve Qi — Watching Clouds Pass Spirit (Shen) section — Focuses on opening up to one’s true being expressing your highest self. 7) Store Qi — Bathing the Marrow 8) Transform Qi — Immortal Dragon Cultivating Golden Elixir 9) Dissolve in Qi — Dissolve Into Light

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