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Sat, Apr 22


Shuniya Yoga Collective

In Person Gong Training with Siri Bahadur!

Beginner, Intermediate and/or Mystical Gong Courses

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In Person Gong Training with Siri Bahadur!
In Person Gong Training with Siri Bahadur!

Time & Location

Apr 22, 2023, 2:00 PM CDT – May 06, 2023, 6:00 PM CDT

Shuniya Yoga Collective, 1708 Houston St, Austin, TX 78756

About the Event

These offerings are for those who have heard the gong, enjoyed the benefits of that experience and either want to deepen their ability to receive these healing frequencies or learn how to share them with others. We enjoy the gong for various reasons, but our core attraction to it is that we find relaxation for both the body and the mind, which leaves us free to explore other more subtly refined realms.

The player’s relationship to the gong is similar to our connections to our friends and loved ones. The deeper and more caring the intent in the interaction the more we discover that we value it. In those deep friendships we find love. So it is with the gong. The more we play and learn to deeply listen, the broader our sharing becomes so that we learn, grow and find enjoyment in the process.

Join Siri Bahadur at Shuniya Yoga Collective for one, two or all three of these gong courses:

Beginner Training: Saturday, April 22nd | 2:00 - 6:00pm 

We will learn the basics of gong sounds and how to employ the fundamental techniques of playing. Learning theory and linking it to practical experience will open the door to discovering that the gong can speak to you and that there is a rudimentary language to learn and a conversation to be had.

Expect to learn:

  • Gong-Playing Rules
  • About Mallets
  • Gong Anatomy
  • Playing Patterns on the Gong Face
  • Equipment for the Player
  • Rhythm & Volume
  • Different Strokes
  • Caring for a gong - your's or others'
  • Gong Training Certificate of Completion

Intermediate Training: Sunday, April 23rd | 2:00 - 6:00pm 

We will provide the knowledge and refined skills to learn the identities behind the conversation between you and the gong. This discovery is where the long-term, deeply satisfying relationship develops. The gong discovers you and you discover the gong. You speak with rhythm and the nuances of volume in the conversation with spaces of silence, whispering and with invitations to share more volume. Then the gong responds by sharing the nuances of its language resulting in the experience of deeper cosmic communication.

Expect to learn:

  • Sounds within Sounds
  • Layering with Multiple Mallets
  • Listening Deeply
  • Intuitive Playing
  • Deeper Relationship with the Gong
  • Connecting Intention & Action
  • Playing for Others
  • Playing in Tandem
  • Gong Training Certificate of Completion

Mystical Training: Saturday, May 6th | 2:00 - 6:00pm 

This course will provide the experience of a deep relationship with the gong and with those for whom you offer gong sessions. It is designed to build upon the skills learned in the Intermediate Gong Training. The base of being begins on the light bodies level, the causal plane where creativity begins. In this module of the gong player’s skill development we will deepen our listening skills and the ability to hold the space for a participant’s relaxed release into healing. The resulting refined sensitivity will clear the resistance within the player so they become an efficient conduit between the energies of the gong and the receivers of its healing effect. That sensitivity will create the connection between the gong’s sound vibrations to an appropriate alignment of the receiver’s light body, resulting in a more harmonious coherence of their field of energy. In addition to developing more subtlety in playing skills, the addition of pranayama and meditation practice will enhance the sensitivity of the gong player and bring an experience of intuitive poise into the playing which will translate into a more effective session.

Expect to learn:

  • Building on the skills from Intermediate Training, more refined listening & playing
  • A sense of holding the space for more effective playing
  • Pranayama & meditative practices for a deeper sense of awareness
  • A closer relationship with the gong as a friend & partner in your playing
  • Gong Training Certificate of Completion

Now is the time to follow the invitation to immerse yourself in sound and establish or deepen your relationship with this healing instrument. You may even decide to bring a gong into your life and give it a place in your home. The world today needs to hear more gongs singing. You can help that happen. 

Single Courses:

BEGINNER'S TRAINING = $199 early bird (thru 4/1) / $249 regular

INTERMEDIATE TRAINING = $249 early bird (thru 4/1) / $299 regular

MYSTICAL TRAINING = $349 early bird (thru 4/8) / $399 regular

Packages (best value!):

BEGINNER + INTERMEDIATE = $399 early bird (thru 4/1) / $499 regular

INTERMEDIATE + MYSTICAL = $549 early bird (thru 4/1) / $649 regular

COMPLETE TRAINING (BEGINNER + INTERMEDIATE + MYSTICAL) = $699 early bird (thru 4/8) / $849 regular

Whether the ultimate intent is to play a gong regularly or simply to expand your relationship with sound as you relax into savasana and enjoy sound healings, these offerings are the perfect way to dive deeper.


  • Beginner's Training

    Early Bird (thru 4/8)

    Sale ended
  • Intermediate Training

    Early Bird (thru 4/15)

    Sale ended
  • Mystical Training

    Early Bird (thru 4/8)

    Sale ended
  • Beginner + Intermediate

    Early Bird (thru 4/8)

    Sale ended
  • Intermediate + Mystical

    Early Bird (thru 4/8)

    Sale ended
  • Beginner+Intermediate+Mystical

    Early Bird (thru 4/1)

    Sale ended



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